The Port Of Neath provides pilotage Services via the Harbour Master.

Please be aware that safe navigable depths are only available over spring tides and early communication with the Harbour Master is essential in order to plan the passage. At least 7 days' notice is required from vessels not familiar with the port or any vessel prior to the first visit.

All berths within the port are dry at low water. Unless the planned operation can be achieved on a single High Water cycle, all vessels entering the port must be able to safely take the ground at Low Water.

Any defects affecting the safe navigation and operation of the vessel must be reported to the Harbour Master or Duty Pilot before the vessel enters the port limits, in order for the HM/Pilot to assess if safe passage to the berth is viable with the reported defect.

Contact detail for the Harbour Master are below:

Contact Harbour Master

[email protected]
[email protected]

07983 149 448