Safety Policy

The Trust as the Competent Harbour Authority (CHA) and Duty Holder, is committed to providing and operating the Port of Neath as a safe and reliable port for all its users and staff.

The Port of Neath conducts regular reviews of all its activities and safety provisions to ensure that they remain the most appropriate and continue to be carried out to the highest standards.

The CHA will ensure that the best standards of good governance and management current at any time are applied to the Port of Neath.

The CHA and its authorised officers are aware of their environmental commitments and strive to ensure that the designated areas within the harbour limits are protected and looked after appropriately.

The CHA will continue to ensure that standards within the Port of Neath meet the demands of government and the ever rising expectations of society at large.

Neath Port Authority is committed to:

  • Provide a system to regularly review hazards and risks in the Harbour and facilitate the evolution of a proactive and auditable Safety Management System. An annual review will takli place, however, should there be a need intermittent reviews will be undertaken.
  • Ensuring that the best channels for navigation are determined, marked and monitored.
  • Have an effective system for promulgating navigation warnings affecting the Harbour.
  • Consider the effect of weather on Harbour safety and promulgating warnings as required.
  • Designating suitable moorings locations.
  • Monitoring lights and marks used for navigation within its jurisdiction.
  • Consider the effects on Harbour safety that proposed changes in use or Harbour works may produce.
  • Maintain an up to date set of byelaws in consultation with port users and enforce them so as effectively to regulate Harbour use.
  • Keep its duties and powers under review.
  • Provide suitable resources to deliver effective marine services such as the provision of Harbour craft.
  • Ensure that suitable plans for emergency situations are maintained and regularly updated and exercised.

All employees have a duty to:

  • Comply with all Harbour safety procedures laid down by Neath Port Authority.
  • Ensure that marine operations are undertaken in a safe manner.
  • To report hazard, risk, accident, incident or near miss to the Harbour Master.

Harbour users operating both commercially and for pleasure are responsible for:

  • Their own health and safety and that of other Harbour users who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  • Complying with byelaws, directions and other regulations aimed at ensuring the safe use of the Harbour.

Health and Safety Management System

Neath Port Authority have adopted a safety management system in compliance with the principles set out in the Port Marine Safety Code.

The safety management system includes policies for emergency plans, conservancy, environment, management of navigation and marine services.

Emergencies in the Harbour

Emergencies where life is in danger must be notified at once to the Coastguard by dialling 999 or through VHF channel 16.

Other emergencies should be notified to the Harbour Master Tel 07785 302 481

Reporting of Accidents Incidents and Near Misses

The public are asked to bring matters of safety - all accidents, incidents and near misses – promptly to the attention of the Harbour Master at the Harbour Authority Offices, Tel 01639 633486

The reports will be used to help in assessment of the effectiveness of the Harbour safety management system.

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